How long have you been in business?
Answer: Elite Property Management has been in business since 2012.

What are your office hours?
Answer: We are open from 10 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday excluding US Holidays.

What is your mailing address?
Answer: 149 Main St. Ste. 1 Peabody, MA 01960

How long is the lease term?
Answer: 1 year lease, we can also provide a longer term if requested.
Will you consider a short term lease? No, 12 month minimum.

Do you accept government assistance?
Answer: Yes.

Is there an application fee?
Answer: Yes.

Are pets allowed?
Answer: Yes, small breeds only and additional fees will apply.

My child is 18 years old, does he/she have to fill out a tenant application?
Answer: Yes, everyone above the age of 18 will have to go through the tenant scanning and application process.

Is renters insurance required?
Answer: No but the tenant is encouraged to obtain personal property/renters insurance with an insurance company properly licensed to do business in the state of Massachusetts.

Can I smoke or vape in the apartment?
Answer: No, Smoking and vaping of any kind is permitted in the leased premises.

Are satellite dishes or antennas allowed on the property?
Answer: No.

Can I store a vehicle?
Answer: No, The Tenant may not store or park a recreational vehicle or commercial vehicle on Leased Premises without property management's written permission.

When is the rent due and how do I pay it?
Answer: Rent is due on the 1st of each month and paid online by ACH, credit/debit card, electronic transfer or at a PayNearMe location.

What is PayNearMe?
Answer: PayNearMe is a convenient way to pay your rent with cash at CVS Pharmacy, Walgreens, 7-Eleven, Walmart and much more. How will you know your rent payment has been accepted? You will receive a receipt with a date and time stamp from the cashier as proof of your rent payment.

How much is the security deposit?
Answer: One full month's rent.

Is the security deposit refundable?
Answer: Yes, as long as there's no major damage. Normal wear and tear is OK.

Can I make a maintenance request online?
Answer: Yes, it's highly recommended for you to login to your tenant portal to enter in a maintenance request. If it's a MAINTENANCE EMERGENCY, we have a 24/7 Hotline # 617-599-2226.

Does the property have quiet hours?
Answer: Yes, Quiet hours are from 9 PM to 8 AM.

What is the snow removal policy?
Answer: All egresses will be cleared within 24 hours after any plowable snow has stopped.

What is the guest and extended stay policy?
Answer: Guests are allowed to stay in the property for 2 weeks but not more than 2 weeks in any 6 month period.

Can I add a roommate?
Answer: No, The Prospect/roommate will have to go through the tenant scanning and application process for approval.

Am I allowed to alter the apartment like changing the floors or painting a room?
Answer: No, you are not allowed to alter the apartment in any shape or form without written approval from the property manager.

Are we allowed to have a grill?
Answer: The Tenant may not use any gas, electric, or charcoal-fueled grills or cooking devices next to the property. Grills or cooking devices must be at least 12 feet away from the property.

Am I allowed to change my entry door lock set?
Answer: No.

Are Waterbeds, trampolines, swimming pools or fireplaces allowed?
Answer: No.

What's the penalty for breaking my lease?
Answer: 3 months pre-payment penalty.

How much notice do I give before vacating?
Answer: 30 days written notice.

When can you expect the security deposit to be returned once you vacate the property?
Answer: 1 to 30 days.